Will the address I receive be a street address, or is it a PO Box?
The address you will receive is a street address, much better than a PO Box. All delivery companies will be able to deliver to your address.

Do the packages sent to my address have to be from merchants, or can I receive mail from individuals as well?
You can receive mail at your address from anyone. Be it a retailer, or a friend etc.

How often is my mail sent to me?
We send your mail as often as you like. You can set up automatic forwarding (Daily, Weekly, Fortnightly or Monthly) or have your mail forwarded on an ad-hoc basis.

Is all my mail sent individually or do you combine it into one parcel?
We will always consolidate your mail into one parcel, unless you request otherwise. This will enable discounts of your shipment, as heavier shipments have a lower charge per kilogram.

How do you send my mail? What services do you use?
We operate as our own courier and freight service provider, so we have a variety of local agents in each country. Countries where we do not have a local agent, or when a shipment is less urgent, deliveries will be made via Fedex, DHL, GapAkis and occasionally UPS. Road shipments within Europe and often delivered via the countries postal network network. And of course, the postal service is available for lightweight document shipments.

How long can I keep my mail in my Cyprus address for?
As long as you wish! However, after a while, we do start charging for storage.

The preparation of an electronic Shipment Request and the transmission of data related to the postal item will become mandatory as of 1/1/2021.
Click on this Link to view the Form.

Will you be able to send my mail to me when I’m traveling?
Yes, we are more than happy to send your mail to an alternate address while you’re traveling.

Are my details safe with you? Do you sell my details to other companies?
You’re details are perfectly safe and confidential.We will not sell or rent out your email address or other details.

How safe is my mail when it’s in your care?
Very safe, your mail is stored securely in our premises.

Can I have more than one name with my address?
Yes, you can. It’s a perfect way for friends and family to save on shipping costs.We have various Packages available and on top of those you could add more names to each package. Please see the Prices Page for more details.

What would my address look like?
An example address is:

Your Name/Your Company
Box (Box Number)
12 Acapela House
1st of April Street

You can choose from any available box number, and change the word Box to a word of your choice (Room, Department, Suite etc)

What payment methods do you accept as payment?
Our preferred method of payment is with your credit and debit card through PayPal

If you do not have a credit card, we can also accept payment via a EFT (Direct Bank Deposit). Please email us in advance if you wish to pay via this method.

Do you take other currencies?
Currently we only accept Payments in EUROS but if you use your Credit Card via PayPal you would be able to pay in your own currency which will be converted to EUROS

What about import fees?
When you import goods into your country, you sometimes have to pay import fees, which are imposed by your government. Check with your country’s customs and excise branch for details.Import Duties and Regulations vary from Country to Country and we do NOT know the Customs or Import Duties for your Country.

As CYPRUS is part of the European Union, any parcels moving within other European Union countries will not usually have charges imposed on them.

Are you able to send money on my behalf?
Yes, we can pay retailers for orders, etc on your behalf. We can pay with a debit card, PayPal, cheques, postal orders and cash. The fee for this varies on the payment method used and the amount paid.

Can you scan and email me my mail instead of forwarding it?
Yes, we can do this for you at your request.

How quickly after signing up can I use my address?
We aim to set all accounts up within a few hours of receiving your completed details.

How do I contact you?
Visit our Contact Us page for details of our phone number and email address.

Are there any items I cannot receive at my address?
We cannot accept anything that is on the PROHIBITED LIST, illegal or dangerous, click here for a List of PROHIBITED ITEMS.

Where can I find information about what I’m not allowed to import into my country?

This will vary from Country to Country and you will have to contact your local customs office.

Any other Questions?
Please send us an email from out Contact Form here.