Invoice Number INV-0260
Invoice Date October 14, 2022
Due Date October 15, 2022
Total Due €0.00
Gerald Kainz

Karl Roth Gasse 18
3830 Waidhofen an der Thaya

6 Months from 13.10.22 to 12.04.23

Please have your Letters addressed to:
Your Name
480, Cavo Greco Avenue
Rep of Cyprus.

Please note:


All Mail to our Premises gets delivered by the normal local Post Office and anything bigger than a Letter will need to be picked up by us from the Post Office as we will only receive a Notification Slip.
The Same goes for Registered Items where we would need to present an Authorization from you to be able to receive your Mail.The Authorization Letter or Document MUST be send with normal Post to us so that we can receive it.WE CANNOT COLLECT ANY REGISTERED MAIL WITHOUT THAT AUTHORIZATION!
This can be a Certified Copy of your Passport or Driving License together with a Letter of Authorization to receive your Mail on your Behalf. Without this the Post Office will NOT release Mail (Registered, Insured, Parcels etc.) addressed to YOU to ME.
A Sample Letter of Authority (to be edited by you with your Details and send back to us with NORMAL Mail can be downloaded here as Document or here as PDF File.

Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceAdjustSub Total
1 Personal-Mailbox OR Street Address Rental 6 Months €60.000.00%€60.00
Sub Total €60.00
Tax €0.00
Paid -€60.00
Total Due €0.00

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