Mail Forwarding Cyprus Service

cyprus-mail-forwarding-and-scanningMail Box Cyprus
How does it work? Real Easy!

  • Sign up and give out your new Cyprus Address (Street or P O Box Nr)
  • We receive your Mail
  • We can forward Mail to you, You can collect from us, or we can scan it in for you and email you the contents (requires your authorization to open the Mail)

Your Address in Cyprus becomes your Alternate Address, just have a look at the samples below. You’ll see two address labels. The one marked “Individual” shows a typical address for PERSONAL USE (using your name instead of A.J. Smith). If you wanted your new address to be for BUSINESS, then use a Business Name, like “Smith Computer Consultants” or AJS Engineering or A.J. Smith Widgets or whatever (again, using YOUR business name only).

It’s as simple as that.

(Below Addresses are ONLY Examples and NOT our own physical Address)

Individual Business
A.J. Smith
1425 1st of April Street, #207
Nicosia, NIC
Cyprus 5001
Smith Computer Consultants
425-427 1st of April Street
Nicosia, NIC
Cyprus 5001

Have a look below at the box marked “Price Schedule” for a mailbox size that should fit you perfectly and besides, you can always add a name for € 3.00 per name. Just let us know.

Don’t want to use your own name at the moment? Then use a “pen” name or “code” name if that suits you better. Names can be added, changed, removed at a moment’s notice (for a small handling fee). All it takes is an e-mail or a call from you.

And there’s more! Many customers prefer to customize the address to fit their special needs. For example: You could add “Suite”, “Unit”, “Room”, “Apt.”, in front of the number 207 in the address, giving your address that personal touch.

As mail is received for you, it is kept secure at our address, until it is time to be forwarded, in accordance with your instructions. You are assured that your mail will not be opened and that your actual location and/or identity will remain confidential.

As a mailbox customer you may request additional services, such as bank money orders, newspapers, scenic post cards, courier service, etc. and other specialized services. Not all of these are currently available. Please contact us if you require such service.


Max. No. of Names Mailbox Size 6 months € 12 months €
3 Personal use 60.00 95.00
Price Schedule

Name additions: € 3.00 per name  (or upgrading to larger box) No charge for signatures (deliveries, registered mail) € 10.00 setup fee for all accounts included.

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All Mail to our Premises gets delivered by the normal local Post Office and anything bigger than a Letter will need to be picked up by us from the Post Office as we will only receive a Notification Slip.
The Same goes for Registered Items where I would need to present an Authorization from you to be able to receive your Mail.The Authorization Letter or Document MUST be send with normal Post to us so that we can receive it.WE CANNOT COLLECT ANY REGISTERED MAIL WITHOUT THAT AUTHORIZATION!
This can be a Certified Copy of your Passport or Driving License together with a Letter of Authorization to receive your Mail on your Behalf. Without this the Post Office will NOT release Mail (Registered, Insured, Parcels etc.) addressed to YOU to ME.
A Sample Letter of Authority (to be edited by you with your Details and send back to us with NORMAL Mail can be downloaded here as Document or here as PDF File.
The preparation of an electronic Shipment Request and the transmission of data related to the postal item will become mandatory as of 1/1/2021.
Click on this Link to view the Form.