We are a young company that has set itself the goal of offering our clients an optimal solution for problems in everyday office life. Whether short-term (e.g. if your office staff is unavailable) or long-term, we are at your disposal with our many years of professional experience in the office sector. Our name stands for fast, systematic, methodical and reliable working methods.

Young entrepreneurs, start-ups, craftsmen, small and medium-sized companies in particular appreciate this service.
Such companies are often faced with the problem that although they have a lot of office work to do, they cannot afford a secretary to take care of it.
An office worker can do your day-to-day office work, but not the bookkeeping, and an accountant can do the bookkeeping but not the day-to-day office work.

There is a solution for this – our office service – which takes over these tasks at a reasonable price.
We work with other professionals in their Fields.

Our office service replaces your office and/or bookkeeping staff. Everyone knows the situation in day-to-day business: the workload increases, there is no time for necessary office tasks, the phone keeps ringing and at the end of the day the office work has fallen by the wayside again.

This is exactly where our office service can provide you with professional help.

You concentrate on your core business, we have the necessary office and communication technology and organize your office. We offer you professional, fast and efficient

We offer the following services:

  • General correspondence
  • Typing of all kinds
  • Payments to Service Providers on your behalf
  • Composing your correspondence
  • Printing, faxing, copying, mailing, scanning
  • Internet research
  • Website Design & Domain Name Registrations
  • Further services on request