Below are our charges for our Street Address and PO Box services.

All prices include the provision of the address or box number for the specified period. Forwarding or Scanning In Costs are separate.

Max. No. of Names Mailbox Size 6 months € 12 months €
3 Personal use 60.00 95.00

Other and Itemized Charges

Name additions: € 3.00 per name per month (or upgrading to larger box) We cannot accept Registered Mail or Over sized Items without a written certified Letter of Authorization from you. € Free setup fee for all accounts.

Mail collected from our Office:Free
Mail Forwarded: € 3.00  plus actual postage costs and envelope as required
Parcels Forwarded:€ 3.00 per item plus actual postage costs and packaging as required
Scan & Email:€ 2.00 for 1st page, thereafter 50c per page

All Mail to our Premises gets delivered by the normal local Post Office and anything bigger than a Letter will need to be picked up by us from the Post Office as we will only receive a Notification Slip.
The Same goes for Registered Items where I would need to present an Authorization from you to be able to receive your Mail.
This can be a Certified Copy of your Passport or Driving License together with a Letter of Authorization to receive your Mail on your Behalf. Without this the Post Office will NOT release Mail (Registered, Insured, Parcels etc.) addressed to YOU to ME.

Re-Mailing Fees

Basic Re-mailing Service
We accept and re-mail any “ready to mail” item(s) that you send to us for processing. By default, unless you pay for additional services, all items will be tendered to the post office located in PARALIMNI 5280 unless you specify differently. Items will be processed as soon as possible most likely on the day of receipt.
Be sure to make sure your items are addressed and have the correct postage affixed unless you are optionally purchasing the postage or hand-writing services below. Note: Unless you specify that the postmark MUST be PARALIMNI, CY, sometimes due to machine processing the item might receive a DHERYNIA, CY or SOTIRA, CY postmark.Fees:
€ 60.00 YEARLY SET UP FEE € 3.00 for each LETTER that we are re-mailing.
€ 5.00 for each PACKAGE that we are re-mailing UP TO 500GR in weight.
€ 10.00 for each PACKAGE that we are re-mailing OVER 500 GR (HALF KILO) in weight.
Items that are over 500 GR (HALF KILO) in weight MUST be hand inspected by us or the Post Office and a Customs Slip must be filled out by us prior to shipping. Any packages that you send to us over 500GR (HALF KILO) in weight MUST be left open so that we can inspect the contents. This must be done for postal security reasons and once we have determined the contents are legal and safe we will seal the box and process it out for you.

NOTE: If we consider a destination “sensitive” or “high risk” we reserve the option to not process any item for security reasons. This is done for obvious security reasons and to extend an extra level of effort to help protect high-risk individuals and organizations.