Service for Mailbox Rental is activated when we receive your form and payment. A confirmation letter is sent by email confirming your address and service details.

    This form collects your name and email so that we can contact you if necessary.


    All Mail to our Premises gets delivered by the normal local Post Office and anything bigger than a Letter will need to be picked up by us from the Post Office as we will only receive a Notification Slip.
    The Same goes for Registered Items where I would need to present an Authorization from you to be able to receive your Mail.
    This can be a Certified Copy of your Passport or Driving License together with a Letter of Authorization to receive your Mail on your Behalf. Without this the Post Office will NOT release Mail (Registered, Insured, Parcels etc.) addressed to YOU to ME.
    For Parcels:
    If it gets delivered to us with Courier it should be fine as the Courier will hand it over to us with our Signature and ID.
    If it gets here by Post Office we would need to collect it from the local Post Office (as they do not deliver larger Items to our Premises) and to be able to collect something which is not on our Name I would need an Authorization from you.
    (Details here at bottom of Contact Form)

    If we need to send it onward to you we will need to get Courier Prices first and quote you the Amount.
    If you want us to send it on with the Post Office be aware that it needs to be brought to the Post Office by us OPEN for Inspection.
    They are quite strict with that. I will also need to fill out this Online Post office Customs Form
    Without filling out and printing out this Form the Post Office will not accept the Parcel at the Counter.